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Carving Styles

The true craftsmanship in every memorial lies in the engraving.  Just as an improperly cut diamond never reaches its full potential, the same principle applies to granite.  The quality of the carvings can make the difference between a mediocre memorial and a magnificent one.  A picture can never accurately reflect the quality of a carving.  Here are some photos of the different styles of carvings.  We encourage you to stop by our studio to truly see the difference for yourself.

Whether shape carved or flat carved, most memorials are carved by sandblast.  We encourage you to personalize your memorial using this medium.  Whether it is a military emblem, a hobby, or anything that captures your loved one's passion, we can probably carve it using sandblast. The following are some photos of our sandblast work.

Like the statues of the Italian Renaissance, some families choose to accentuate their memorials with this beautiful deep cut medium.  Here are some photos of our sculpture work. 

The most detailed of our carving mediums, primarily used for portraits and scenes.  Must be done on black or dark red granite.  We only hand etch because of its time tested durability.  Some of our etchings